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Solenoid Valve Cross Reference Guide By Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of solenoid valves around the world all of whom offer similar products with the same functionality, operation and performance characteristics just that each manufacturer will attribute a different part number specific and unique to their own valve. This can be rather a headache for engineers and valve users when looking to replace an existing piece of equipment.

Below we have accumulated a range of various manufacturers solenoid valve part numbers with a cross reference to our alternative similar valve product with a link to our store for that item, so users can check technical data, compatibility, stock availability and price.

If you do not know the brand or manufacturer of your valve, or it is not listed here you can go to our store, situated at the top right hand corner of our on line store.


ACL Equivalents
Alcon Equivalents
Asco Equivalents
Asco Equivalents Page 2
Baccara Equivalents
Burkert Equivalents
Burkert Equivalents Page 2
Ceme Equivalents
CS Fluid Power
Danfoss Equivalents
ERA SIB Equivalents
Kuhnway Cord Equivalents
MandM Equivalents
Norgren Herion Bushjost Equivalents
ODE Equivalents
Parker Skinner Equivalents
RSG Equivalents
Shako Equivalents
Sirai Equivalents
Sunwell Equivalents
Z-Tide Equivalents
Miscellaneous Equivalents

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