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Shako Co Ltd founded in 1980 is now a leading manufacturer of Pneumatic Products and Solenoid Valves. In 1982 Shako developed and manufactured the plug in fitting and in 1987 developed a new factory to produce Solenoid Valves and FRL (Filter regulator Lubricator) combinations. In 1997 the factory was expanded and was equipped with the best production facilities and innovative production processes. Later in 1999 the ISO 6431 standard cylinder was successfully developed. Again in 2000 the compact cylinder was put into production, since 2005 the SUS316 high pressure stainless steel FRL combinations and been put into full scale production and starting from 2006 the ISO6430 standard cylinder and ISO6432 stainless steel round cylinder have been built.

Ad hearing to the business idea of customer first Shako have established a robust network and exemplary service.

Professional Production - Leading Technology

With Persisted exploration of cutting edge technology in the pneumatic industry Shako maintains its leading position in the industrial manufacturing sectors, the advanced lathes and milling machines are introduced from materials procurement to finished product assembly it is fully automated and computer controlled to improve product quality and to constantly increase production quality and efficiency.

Precise Inspection - Excellent quality  

With excellent testing equipment in 2007 Shako was awarded National level 2 Laboratory Certification in the pressure resistance and leak test in accordance with ISO IEC 17025 2005 standard testing laboratory number 1741. Shako implements the high standard of product inspection where incoming materials are inspected to MIL STD 105E level 2 sampling standards utilising callipers, micrometers, digital indicators, 2.5 dimensional projectors, surface roughness testers, rubber hardness testers, spring tension testers, in addition to the full implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management systems the most advanced precision equipment is used for product inspection which includes digital pressure monitoring, computer applications such as air leak testing, pressure resistance testing and solenoid valve flow testing.

The full series SPU220A and SPU225A have also passed the CE and ATEX explosion proof certification that proves Shako product quality has reached the highest standard.

Diversified Products - Worthy of Trust 

Sanchug has a full range of products of world leading quality and has obtained many patients through Shako leading design through constant research and development.

The air treatment series includes FRL combinations - 2 unit FRL combinations, Filter regulator, Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator.

The Shako® solenoid valve series includes 5 port and 3 port Shako solenoid valve series, 5 port and 3 port Shako pneumatic valve series, 2 port Shako solenoid valve series, Shako mechanical valves - Shako hand valve and Shako foot valves. The Shako pneumatic cylinder series, includes the standard cylinder, stainless steel round cylinder, Aluminium round cylinder, JIG cylinder, Double Rod cylinder, three rod cylinder, guide cylinder, multi position fixing cylinder, pneumatic rod less cylinder, mini parallel clamp and Y type clamp, other valve and auxiliary component series. All the product series have been applied to the industrial field, automation equipment, automotive assembly, medication, and electronic machinery.

Excellent Innovation - Global Marketing

Based on the operation philosophy of stability, service and integrity Shako will continue to pursue excellence and innovation integrate Shako's professional team and huge cooperative sub contractors continuing researching and developing to make progress drive for higher quality with a marketing network exceeding 40 countries around the world Shako is the World Leader in Pneumatic Component Manufacturing into Turkey, France, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Philippines, South Africa, United States, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, ROC, Viet Nam, Iran, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Ukraine, Canada, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Guatemala, Lebanon and Egypt.

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