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WRAS and WRc Approved solenoid valves.

WRAS water solenoid valve examplePotable water or Drinking WRAS water solenoid valves that connect directly to UK and Euro zone mains water supply require the appropriate water approvals. The UK accepted approvals are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and WRc (Water Research Centre) and within the rest of the Euro zone require DVGW and KTW approvals which may include the homogenizations UNI EN 681-1/2003 WB e WA, DVGW W270, DVGW W534, CLP, ACS, KIWA, TGM-LMG 75.


WRAS solenoid valve approval.

WRAS approved solenoid valves for mains water applications are available in most sizes such as 3/8",1/2",3/4", 1", 11/4, 11/2 and 2" BSP thread for both 2/2 way normally closed and 2 way normally open. WRAS solenoid valve Certification and Approvals are only available to water solenoid valves that fully conform to the water regulations, although interestingly enough this only really applies to the non-metallic parts of any solenoid valve such as the elastomer diaphragms, O ring seals, gaskets and other seals that come into contact with the water passing through the solenoid valve and typically must comply to BS6920 (Test for water quality). 


In the past NBR (Nitrile Buna Rubber) was the accepted standard, however EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is now the accepted seal for drinking water as this has a reduced taste effect on the water passing through the solenoid valve. The other materials of construction of the solenoid valve such as brass and various grades of stainless steel are of no real concern so long as there are no harmful chemicals present or high content of potentially harmful substances such as lead and are of course totally free from potential internal or external leaks and fit for purpose.


We suggest avoiding very cheap imports from due to the poor materials of construction, which would appear obvious if you are paying £40.00 for a quality brass water solenoid valve everywhere else, but you can buy a copy or alternative for £4.00 from overseas. There is obviously a good reason for it.


My recent discussions with WRAS approval authority confirmed that WRAS are seriously concerned about this flood of very cheap imports that in some instances are dangerous and hazardous and are a real health and safety concern.


The cheap labour argument is irrelevant as quality manufacturers use fully automated manufacturing processes, R&D cost savings are also irrelevant as these costs have already been met and on a valve by valve basis would only add pennies, thus the cost savings are therefore solely based on cost of material and quality of construction alone.


This will come to an inevitable end in the future when WRAS ban the use of these products within the UK water industry and engineers are made aware of the dangers of using this "cheap" imported equipment. You can check with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme directly.

This is not to be confused with Manufacturers located in Japan or Taiwan, who are known to be 100% quality orientated who buy the best quality raw materials, have the highest levels of R+D and many years experience in manufacturing reliable and high quality water valves for export around the world.


Let's face it, it's a known fact that one country manufacture just for export and actually import genuine quality brands for their own domestic and commercial use.


WRc solenoid valve approval.

WRc Approval ® "fit for purpose" certification is a voluntary scheme conducted by the Water Research centre to help solenoid valve and other water equipment suppliers and manufacturers demonstrate quality of manufacturing and performance. More importantly products used on water applications that conform to WRc quality, installation and performance will protect our delicate drinking water system from dangerous and harmful debris, chemicals and solvents which could leach dangerously back into the water system and be consumed either directly or indirectly through food processing, manufacturing, cleaning and bottling systems and processes further downstream which even water filtration systems cannot always detect or remove.


WRc ™ approval and certification offers value to International, Euro Zone and UK companies with existing approvals from USA, Holland, Japan, France, Austria, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.


WRAS Solenoid Valve Tests.

WRAS offer a vigorous testing of up to 200,000 open / closed or on / off cycles at maximum pressure and temperature and a 150% over maximum design temperature for leak testing. Temperature test ranges according to WRAS approval required which are currently 23°C for cold water and anything above 30°C for hot water.


Careful consideration has to be given to the application of any water valve, either solenoid, pressure control, flow control, non return valve or filter used with mains water use, so making sure this approval is in place or buying a quality brand is wise when dealing with mains water supply for drinking water applications.


Water solenoid valves.

Brass, stainless Steel and Plastic water solenoid valves to suit most general purpose water applications, including technical data and pictures, you can also check price and stock availability. Even though we have a general purpose range of solenoid valves are suited for water applications that do not have the WRAs or WRc certification, they are quite suitable for most mains water applications. WRAS and WRc certifications do not currently apply to the metallic parts of construction of any solenoid valve but only to the non metallic parts such as the diaphragm and other elastomer sealing materials. Shako have been manufacturing solenoid valves for many years and as with all Shako manufactuered products they use only the highest quality materials and employ the highest levels of quality control offering an additional 100% function, leak and pressure testing to every valve with purifieid compressed air. 


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