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Bronze Solenoid Valves

Bronze solenoid valves and bronze pressure control valves are usually available with either BSP or NPT threads from 1/4" to 2" or PN16 and ANSI150Lb flanged ports from DN15 to DN500. Bronze is more expensive than Brass however it has far better chemical resistance to sea water and steam and is far more robust. Bronze solenoid valves are available in Direct Acting (will work regardless of pressure differential) and Pressure Assisted (Work only with a guaranteed minimum pressure differential) the latter being less expensive size for size as the media pressure difference is used via a pilot control circuit to control the bronze solenoid valve opening and closing function.  

Keep in mind that even though the valve body material is Bronze that many of the internal parts will be various grades of stainless steel for example the core tube 304 stainless steel, armature 430F stainless steel and springs 302 stainless steel.

There will typically be a choice of seal materials to choose from however bronze steam rated solenoid valves should be PTFE and other bronze solenoid valve seal options will be NBR for general purpose air and water, FKM for oils and fuels or EPDM for hot water and ozone.

Please find below a short list of the more popular bronze solenoid valves..

Bronze Solenoid Valve MK Direct Acting

Bronze Direct Acting 2/2 Way Normally Closed Bronze Solenoid valves offers positive On/Off control that does not require any pressure differential and with PTFE seals and H Rated High Temperature Coil as standard making this an ideal solution for Steam, Hot water and Hot oil control.

Sizes range from 1/2 to 1" BSP

Pressure ranges from Vacuum to 10 Bar

making this one of the steam industry favourite steam ON/OFF control solenoid valves.

 MK15 (1/2")   MK20 (3/4")   MK25 (1")   MK32 (11/4")   MK40 (11/2)   MK50 (2")

Bronze Solenoid Valve LK Direct Acting flanged

Bronze Assisted Lift diaphragm solenoid valves are an ideal more cost effective than stainless steel and are ideal for larger bore high flow low pressure applications such as gravity feed, closed loop and Vacuum systems. Assisted Lift solenoid valve sometimes referred to as a Hung Diaphragm or Kick Pilot Solenoid valves which do not require any pressure differential to operate.

Sizes typically range from DN50 to DN250

Pressure ranges: Vacuum to 10 Bar.

Bronze Solenoid Valve flanged pilot

Bronze pressure assisted solenoid and pressure control valves have patented cylindrical design and strong internal floating Piston System allows for easy shipping, handling and installation as the internal parts are rugged and do not suffer from being installed or handled in any position. The external control pilot solenoid circuit can be removed and refitted when required, proving an exceptional benefit especially during maintenance routines.

Pressure Range typically from 0.3 to 16 Bar

Size ranges from Flanged DN50 to DN450

This valve type utilises the same control pipework across the range.

Note these pressure assisted solenoid valve will require a minimum pressure differential as this is utilised to operate the main valve via the external control circuit and because of this are usually less expensive the assisted lift diaphragm valves and direct acting piston solenoid valve of similar size.

bronze pressure relief valve

BFL-B Bronze pilot operated pressure relief valve.

Designed to protect pipework and process systems for excess pressure. The BFL Bronze pressure relief valve will stay closed until the system pressure reaches the maximum pre-set pressure and at which point will quickly open releasing the excess pressure downstream thus protection the process system pipework from over or excess system pressure damage.

When the excess pressure has been released the bronze pressure relief valve will slowly and carefully close in such a way as to prevent water hammer.

Bronze pilot float valves

BFF-B Bronze pilot float valve.

Designed to control water or liquid levels in a tank via a pilot or float valve. The float valve is fitted to a tank at a preset fluid level and is connected by single pipework to the main valve. When the tank level drops below its set level the float valve drops and releasing the back pressure holding the main valve closed, which then opens to refill the tank. When the level returns to the preset level the float pilot valve rises and closes the circuit generating a back pressure which in turn directly closes the main valve. 

Bronze Pressure Reducing Valve

BFR-B Bronze pilot pressure reducing valve.

Designed to reduce system pressure downstream according to set pressure requirements. The inlet pressure can fluctuate and peek above downstream system limits according to pump and supply demands elsewhere, however the BFR pressure reducing valve will not be affected by this unstable inlet pressure and will maintain the preset downstream pressure. In turn the BFR will maintain the preset downstream pressure regardless of downstream flow demands and will easily maintain stable downstream pressure protecting downstream systems from over pressure damage. 

Bronze Pressure Sustaining Valve

BFS-B Bronze pressure sustaining Valve.

Designed to maintain a constant preset upstream pressure to prevent system pressure dropping below minimum pressure requirements. Processing systems require a specific minimum system pressure but high demands downstream can cause this to drop dangerously low, for example for cooling systems. The BFS pressure sustaining valve will maintain this present back pressure.


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