Solenoid Valves

Ductile & Cast Iron Solenoid + Pressure Control Valves

Ductile and Cast Iron Solenoid valves, Pressure Control Valves and silent check valves in both threaded and flanged configurations to suit most water and heavy industry applications requiring large bore high flow and special applications. Typically Cast Iron and Ductile iron solenoid valves are available with ATEX Hazardous Area Coil, Manual Over Ride, Manual Reset, Open and Closed Position Switches, Special or Metal to Metal Sealing and Oil and Grease Free for oxygen use.

Ductile Iron valves are typically designed for use with water and other inert gases and fluids that are non corrosive i.e. for general purpose applications, which is why they are epoxy coated for water use. Internal seals will normally be NBR (Nitrile Buna Rubber) however there are typically options for FKM for fuel oil and diesel applications. Ductile Iron and Cast Iron valves offer high strength to weight ratios and are generally more cost effective than Brass, Bronze or Stainless steel, making them a wise choice for water and non corrosive processing applications. 

Below is a range of assisted lift, direct acting and pressure assisted (pilot type) solenoid, float and pressure control valves.

The BF-D series ductile iron epoxy coated pressure control valve is the preferred choice for pressure reducing valves, BFE-D electric ON/OFF control valve, BFL-D pressure relief valves, BFS-D pressure sustaining valve, BFF-D pilot float valve, BFR-D pressure reducing users and process system engineers and design technicians for low to high flows and pressures from 0.3 to 16 bar. This pilot operated or hydraulically operated valve series introduces or releases water from a control chamber above the piston to very effectively maintain water control. The patented cylindrical strong ductile iron body is easy to install into any water process system and the external controller can easily be fitted after transportation and installation. A range of external controllers are available with a range of adjustable pressure settings and functions for either ON/OFF control, pressure relief, pressure sustaining and pressure reducing function or without any external control but linked to a pilot float control valve for automatic mechanical tank refilling systems.

The internal structure is based upon a piston and U ring seal which unlike most water control diaphragm valves will not suffer from flexing damage or cracking or over speed actuation resulting in water hammer. The internal piston design is so robust that life has extended beyond 1,000,000 cycles even at maximum design pressures with a unique 3 to 5 second actuation time further helping extend valve working life.

Cast Iron Solenoid Valve flanged zero rated

LK series Cast Iron Assisted Lift diaphragm solenoid valves are an ideal more cost effective solution and are ideal for larger bore high flow low pressure applications such as gravity feed, closed loop and Vacuum systems. Assisted Lift solenoid valve sometimes referred to as a Hung Diaphragm or Kick Pilot Solenoid valves which do not require any pressure differential to operate. Sizes typically range from DN50 to DN250 and can handle pressures from Vacuum to 10 Bar. 

Cast Iron Solenoid Valve flanged direct acting

Cast Iron Direct Acting Piston Solenoid Valves allow for direct On/Off control without the need for pressure differentials and are an ideal solution for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry requiring large bore and higher pressure applications to 25 Bar. The direct acting piston solenoid valve design normally allows for many valve modifications to specifically suit the application in hand, for example and can be equipped with ATEX Coil, Manual Over Ride and Open and Closed Position Switches allowing remote confirmation of the valve position. Due to the direct acting design the coils are usually quite large and powerful up to 150 Watts and can require several Amps on low voltage applications such as 24vDC needing 6.25 Amps and are obviously more expensive than diaphragm versions.

Ductile Iron Solenoid Valve

BFE-D Ductile Iron pressure assisted solenoid and pressure control valves are coated internally and externally with an Epoxy Coating making it the ideal choice for mains water control. The patented cylindrical design and strong internal floating Piston System allows for easy shipping, handling and installation as the internal parts are rugged and do not suffer from being installed  or handled in any position. The external control pilot solenoid circuit can be removed and refitted when required, proving an exceptional benefit especially during maintenance routines. Pressure Range typically from 0.3 to 16 Bar and size ranges from Flanged DN50 to over DN450 and utilises the same control pipework across the range. Note these pressure assisted solenoid valve will require a minimum pressure differential as this is utilised to operate the main valve via the external control circuit and because of this are usually less expensive the assisted lift diaphragm valves and direct acting piston solenoid valve of similar size.

Ductile Iron pressure relief valve for water

BFL-D Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated pilot operated pressure relief valve.

Designed to protect pipework and process systems for excessive pressure. The BFL-D Ductile Iron pressure relief valve will stay closed until the system pressure reaches the maximum pre-set pressure and at which point will quickly open releasing only excess pressure downstream thus protection the process system pipework from over or excess system water pressure damage.

When the excess pressure has been released the BFL-D ductile Iron pressure relief valve will slowly and carefully close in such a way as to prevent water hammer.

Ductile Iron pilot float valve for water

BFF-D Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated pilot water float valve.

Designed to control water level in a tank via a pilot or float control valve. The float control valve is fitted to a water tank at a pre-set level and is connected by single pipework to the main BFF valve. When the tank water level drops below its set level the float control valve drops and releases the back pressure holding the main BFF valve closed, which then opens to refill the water tank. When the level returns to the pre-set level the control float pilot valve rises and closes the circuit generating a back pressure which in turn directly causes the BFF main valve to shut and stop water refilling the tank any further.  (typically pilot float control valve is not included.

ductile Iron Pressure Reducing Valve for water

BFR-D Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated pilot pressure reducing valve.

Designed to reduce water system pressure downstream according to set pressure requirements. The water inlet pressure can fluctuate and peek above downstream system limits according to pump and water supply demands elsewhere, however the BFR-D pressure reducing valve will not be affected by this unstable inlet pressure and will maintain the pre set downstream pressure. In turn the BFR-D will maintain the pre set downstream pressure regardless of downstream flow demands and will easily maintain stable downstream pressure protecting downstream systems from excess water pressure damage.

ductile Iron Pressure sustaining Valve for water

BFS-D Ductile Iron Epoxy Coated pressure sustaining Valve.

Designed to maintain a constant pre-set upstream water pressure to prevent system pressure dropping below minimum pressure requirements. Water processing systems require a specific minimum system pressure but high demands downstream can cause this to drop dangerously low, for example for cooling systems. The BFS-D pressure sustaining valve will maintain this present water back pressure.

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