Solenoid Valves

Duty Cycle of solenoid coil.

The duty cycle of a solenoid coil is expressed as a percentage of the coil power off time (cooling time) divided by the time powered ON + time power off (cooling) x 100 to give a percentage.


Duty Cycle = Time OFF / (Time ON + Time Off) x 100


Most quality solenoid coils are rated 100% duty cycle based on a standard ambient temperature of +35 Celsius and the applied voltage.


Example: if a coil is powered ON for 15 seconds and then switched / powered OFF (cooling time) for 45 seconds before powered ON again, then the cycle time is calculated as:-


Duty cycle = 45 seconds / (15 ON + 45 OFF) x100

Duty Cycle = 45 / 60 x 100

Duty Cycle = 75%


Example: Power ON 2 minutes, then power off 2 Minutes.

Duty Cycle = 2 / (2+2) x 100

Duty Cycle = 50%


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