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Founded in 1977 CS Fluid Power Co Ltd is Taiwan's leading specialist manufacturer of 2 and 3 way solenoid valves and Manifold / Sub Base Mounted Solenoid Valves and has enjoyed an excellent reputation for quality of product and service for over twenty-six years.

CS Fluid Power major products include various fluid control solenoid valves, air and hydraulic cylinders, mini pressure regulators and pneumatic parts.

CS Fluid Power now exported across the world including Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Indonesia, China, Israel, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Pakistan, Turkey, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Ecuador, Egypt and the United Kingdom (UK).

CS Fluid Power can exceed the requirements of either standard or custom-made products for most applications including high temperature, high pressure and ATEX. Superior quality, customer satisfaction and zero defects and the Quality Control principles and permanent commitment of the company.

CS Product advantage and short falls.


Serial production, small size, high flow, low power consumption, long life, special IP67 waterproof design is available for high moisture environments. Special designed diaphragm of solenoid valve is guaranteed to never break with patients in many countries. The seat has high resistance and fast response times.


Higher cost 

Port Options:

BSP (ISO 228, G Thread)

PT (ISO 7-1, Rc thread)

NPT (US Standard)

Flange PN16 standard optional JIS10K, ANSI150lb other upon request.

Solenoid Valve operation clasification:

1. Direct Acting

2. Pilot - Servo / Pressure Assisted / floating diaphragm or piston

3. Magna Lift - Assisted lift / Hung Diaphragm

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