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Direct Acting Solenoid Valves.

Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

Direct Acting solenoid valves utilise the armature movement as the direct means of the Open / Closed function of the solenoid valve. Inlet pressure P1 and the valve de-energised the media is contained against the armature sealing against and outlet orifice, thus the solenoid valve is closed preventing flow. When energised the coil lifts the armature away from the sealing orifice directly opening the solenoid valve allowing full flow of media through the valve to P2. 

Benefits of Direct Acting Solenoid Valves.

These direct acting solenoid valves do not require any pressure differential to operate and are usually low cost, compact, reduced power consumption, reduced heat and ideal for high-pressure applications and are suitable for most media applications and can be found in either Brass, Bronze, Ductile or Cast iron, Stainless Steel and Plastic bodied variants.

Other associated names for Direct Acting Solenoid Valves:

Direct Acting solenoid valves, Spool solenoid valves, Poppet solenoid valves, Miniature Solenoid Valves, direct operated solenoid valves, zero Delta P solenoid valve, plunger type solenoid valve.


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