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Founded in 1961 ERA-SIB celebrated in 60th Anniversary in 2021, service, quality with innovation are more than words for ERA-SIB but are in fact the driving force of the company, they represent the commitment from all staff in the service to the distributors and customers who have been chosen by ERA-SIB as like-minded partners.


ERA-SIB offer even for the most demanding customers one of the world’s most complete solenoid valve ranges of high quality direct acting and pressure assisted solenoid valves. Brass, plastics (Polysulphone, PVC, PP, PTFE, POM and Nylon etc.), 316 Stainless Steel, and Aluminium. 


ERA-SIB solenoid valves are available in all Alternating and Direct Current voltages for IP65 Safe Area and most can be fitted with hazardous area ATEX Explosion-Proof EExdIICT4 or EExdIICT6 explosion proof enclosures and ATEX EExmIIT4 encapsulated coils.


ERA-SIB range of solenoid valves is constantly supplemented with many high-pressure high flow solenoid valve models arriving in 2024–2025.


ERA-SIB will continue its commitment to developments through design, innovation and commitment to quality into the future.


"Commitment to quality" is more than just a slogan; it is a truth for all ERA-SIB's staff. For more than 60 years, ERA-SIB has been making solenoid valves to the most demanding users in Europe and Worldwide, AIR LIQUIDE, ALCATEL, BONGUARD, BURTON CORBLIN, C.E.A and COGEMA, SIEBE COMPAIR CLIMAX, GAZ DE FRANCE, ISOMATIC, SAGEM, SCHLUMBERGER, TOKHEIM-SOFITAM and WITTENBORG, etc. So many names that you will find with a lot of others in the ERA-SIB reference list.


Technical Information.

The easiest way to define a solenoid valve is to do it just in accordance with its tube and orifice size. This is a solution we have to warn the users against.

It is necessary, at the opposite, to take into account all the factors to determine the solenoid valve, this means at least:


1. The exact function of the solenoid valve and the number of flow ways.


2. Exact type of media, specific gravity and viscosity.


3. Minimum and maximum working pressure.


4. Minimum and maximum differential pressure.


5. Minimum and maximum requested flow


6. Ambient temperature.


7. Media temperature.


8. Electrical specifications.


And in general all known information that may influence the working of the solenoid valve.


Express global shipping service available from ERA-SIB distributor and stockists Connexion Developments Ltd website or E mail: or call +44 (0) 1454 334 990 Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800 GMT.

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