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Kuhnway Corp - Queen Solenoid Vlve

Kuhnway Corporation founded more than 16 years ago is a professional manufacturer of electric motorised valves and 2 way solenoid valves in Taiwan.

Awarded International ISO9001 Quality Management Certification.

Kuhnway Corporation designed and moved into purpose built offices and factory in 2005.

Kuhnway electric valve actuators and Queen solenoid valve are sold in the domestic markets and exported to Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, Thailand and in the United Kingdom (UK).

1988 Kuhnway Corporation purchased 2/2 way solenoid valve technology from Japan for Kuhnway Solenoid Valve brand name "Queen". Queen solenoid valves can be used for most applications including air, gas, water, steam, light oil and also feasible for vacuum applications.

Kuhnway Corporation also specialises in manufacturing quarter turn and intelligent multifunctional infrared control and computer controlled electric actuators that are suitable for mounting on ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers etc. The Kuhnway Actuator can be used on Power Plant equipment, water treatment, air transfer equipment and the Food Production Industry. Quality and reliability are so well known that Kuhnway valve actuator assemblies can be found installed at Taiwan Industrial and Mining Enterprises.


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