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Nass Magnet GmbH

Nass Magnet GmbH with Head Offices based, Hanover, Germany is the head of the company group. 200 employees develop and produce electromagnetic operators for valves using compressed air and inert gases.
Magnetic systems are also produced for the Automotive industry.

Nass Magnet Hanover Germany

Nass Controls LP, New Baltimore, Michigan, USA, is the distribution partner for the North
American and Australia markets. The products are received in main components from the
company group and are assembled into a final product and tested. Market specific versions are produced to customers specifications. Commodities round out the program.

Nass Magnet Automated Quality Production
Precision Controls Kft., Veszprém, Hungary, develops and produces solenoid connectors, function fittings, and electromagnetic components.
All three companies are privately owned. The total number of worldwide employees is approximately 400.

Precision Controls Kft., short form Precon, now part of Nass Magnet has always been known for high quality products. Their connectors are used in various industrial branches. We are able, with the modular design of our products, to realize special application requests of our customers.For example: It is possible, with the two-piece housing version, to assembly different circuits even if the connector is already mounted, or customer requested labeling, or changing from clamping to cut-/clamping contacts.

Nass Magnet Quality Inspection at every level of production


Nass Magnet Company History.

1925: On 25 November establishes the engineer August Hofmann in Stuttgart the Concordia Maschinen & Elektrizitäts GmbH
1950: Wilhelm Nass starts a Workshop specialized on precision mechanics in Linden, Hanover
1951: The Wilhelm Nass KG moves to the southern city of Hanover
1952: beginning of the development and production of electromagnets; the customer is the Hanover-based Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO)
1954: foundation of the Wilhelm Nass OHG
1959: the company moves into the new building located in the Eckenerstraße in Vahrenwald, Hanover
1973: conversion of the Concordia Maschinen & Elektrizitäts GmbH to Kirchheim KG, Stuttgart
1976: foundation of the Hofmann & Kirchheim GmbH und Co, Stuttgart
1977: the Hofmann & Kirchheim GmbH and Company takes over the Wilhelm Nass GmbH, reestablishment into Nass Magnet GmbH
1988: foundation of nass controls, USA
1989: foundation of the holding Kirchheim GmbH & Co, Stuttgart
1996: foundation of the Precision Controls Kft., Hungary
1997: inauguration of the new building of the Precision Controls Kft., Hungary; start of production
2001: Inauguration of the additional building for production and administration of the nass magnet GmbH in Hanover

reestablishment of Precision Controls Kft. into nass magnet Hungária Kft.

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