Solenoid Valves

Plastic Solenoid Valves

Plastic or Synthetic Solenoid Valves are available in a range of plastic materials depending on the application, function and design options. Plastic solenoid valves are commonly used for water, aggressive media and corrosive environment applications ranging from the general purpose mains water and RO water applications though to very aggressive media chemical industries. Plastic valves offer light weight reduced cost alternatives to many main stream brass, stainless steel and special application solenoid valves.

The available materials of construction of a plastic solenoid valves are Nylon, Delrin ®, PPA, PVC, PTFE, PVDF and PP.


Nylon solenoid valves

Nylon solenoid valves are commonly used for mains water applications such as basic water ON/OFF control for commercial, domestic water systems, coffee and drinks vending machines, toilets and water ring main systems and commercial washing machines. Some of these Nylon solenoid valves have the WRAS water Board Approval for drinking water (Potable water) use.


Water appliance solenoid valves

RPE water Appliance Solenoid Valves

Water appliance solenoid valves come with common 3/4 BSP Male Thread inlet and optional 10mm or 12mm hose tails with either single, double or triple outlets at 180 or 90 degree outlet configurations. These valves are very commonly used on domestic and commercial washing machines, dishwater's and water vending units. Nylon appliance water solenoid valves offer low cost compact design with 11.0mm orifice and NBR seals as standard across the range.


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Delrin® (POM) solenoid valves

Delrin Solenoid Valves PK Series

Delrin ® (also known as POM) is an Acetal resin solenoid valves are normally used for Pure Water, RO Reverse Osmosis and De mineralised Water applications where brass and copper cannot be used. Most Delrin (POM) solenoid valves are available with a Silver Shading Ring which replaces the industry standard copper shading ring which is not compatible for these pure water. RO and De-mineralised Water systems.


PVC solenoid valves

PVC solenoid valve 160 series

PVC solenoid valves have good resistance to chemical corrosion and are ideally suited to corrosive atmospheres. In the dry armature / isolating diaphragm design are well suited to aggressive media applications. Ideal for chemical dosing systems, food industry applications and aggressive media applications.


PTFE solenoid valves

PTFE solenoid Valves for acid and aggressive media

PTFE solenoid valves have excellent resistance to very aggressive and corrosive environments and are dry armature / isolating diaphragm design as standard making them ideally suited to very corrosive environments and aggressive media such as strong acid and alkaline media.


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