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mit Pro Uni D cns UK Stockist and distributors since 1999Pro Uni D / Di Hen Corporation and mit-UNID-cns


Founded in 1988 mit UNiD cns Corporation began manufacturing fluid specific solenoid valves under their Brand name Uni-D Solenoid Valves exporting around the world competing for market share in Europe, US and Japan with a serious thumbs up on quality.


Currently specialising in 2/2 way solenoid valves focus initially on the home (Taiwan and China) markets from where the export market expanded around the world. Since moving into the pneumatic, oil, automation and energy saving solenoid valve markets, Uni-D has focused on three pure management philosophies - number one quality - service number one and first place credit. Enabling quality with quantity to keep ahead of European, Japanese and American market demands.


Compounded with fair prices, export growth has been strong into Medicare material markets in France and Spain amongst others who now design, recommend and install Uni-D solenoid electro magnetic valves due to brand recognition with each industry sector.


In 1997 the She-zhi factory was at full valve manufacturing capacity so Luzhou factory was thus established with a capital investment of USD $1,000,000 with 8 fully automatic twin shaft CNC lathes with many other automated production machines and quality enhancing test apparatus to further improve quality and upgrade technology.

The current production time for a steam use solenoid valve is fifty seconds with high tolerance accuracy and pin sharp manufacturing dimensions.


2000 Again mit UNiD cns Corp invest heavily into Research and Development for the electric motor valve. Already in mass production, exceeding original expectations, the electric motor valves are being exported worldwide. The Uni-D electric motor driven valve offers a complete range of sizes, torque specification, fail safe closed, quick acting and other options to fulfil all market requirements.


2001 April 12, mit UNiD cns gained international quality standard ISO9001 quality management systems, with many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) asking UNi-D to produce parts in large quantities. A fully trained team of design and R'D engineers have access to several 3-D CAD machines, with 26 support technicians and over 10 dedicated operation members to develop more sophisticated and custom made electro magnet valves for industries. everyone is welcome to come and visit the factory and see these supreme levels of quality and production control,design and test facilities.


The electromagnetic valve and electric motor driven valve ranges produced by mit UNiD cns Corp have been adapted to cope with a very wide range of gaseous and liquid media applications. The only information required to fulfil any enquiry are the media specifications and mit UNiD cns Corp will proved the best quality cost effective electromagnetic or electric motor valve suitable.


Quality control and technical innovation set Uni-D Corp ahead of most market rivals. A perfect after service is UNI-D's prime goal.


Specification options for electromagnetic solenoid valves range from 1/* to 4" screw threaded, flanged, normally closed (power to open), normally open (power to close) for most media and application requirements.

The electric motorised head of the electric motor valve can be installed directly onto ISO standard platform-based screwed and flanged spherical ball valve, butterfly valve and three way valve can be driven without concern for media contamination, debris or acidic / alkali media. Every electric head is supplied with a manual over ride devise as standard as well and overload and over heat protection devices. Offering a complete solution quickly for all sizes from 1/2" spherical valve to 12" butterfly valve, can all be produced accordingly.

Additional free information and advice is readily available from fully trained technicians who can help resolve any concerns, including energy saving solutions and pipeline fluid compatibility worries.


Pro Uni-D Co., Ltd is a D&B D-U-N-S Registered™ Business Number 65711304


Line of Business: Manufacturer of Solenoid Valve, Electric Actuator and Pneumatic Actuator.


SIC Codes: 3491 - Manufacturing Industrial Valves


Business Type: Private Company Limited by Shares


Employee Size Range: 50 - 99


Date of Registration: 1988


Business registration Number(TW): 23029768


Key Employees: President Mr Tseng, Hong Pei


Registered Capital: TWD 29,600,000


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