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Fully Open Silent (No Noise) Check non-return valves.

Check valves or non-return valves are designed to prevent back flow or basically allow flow in only one direction. There are various designs of in line check or non-return valves available the most common designs most frequently found are the low cost non-return valves which offer some degree of functionality but with disregard to any other factor such as flow, noise, adjust-ability or life expectancy.

Some examples are

The basic swing check valve, which is a simple free hanging flap that swings out in the direction of allowed flow, but swings back and seals against negative flow.

Flow: fair to good.

Functionality: Poor for low pressure systems,

Mounting: must be mounted correctly.

In line sprung check valve consisting of a sealing disc with a spring behind it against pushing against a sealing face. The disc unseats with positive flow and seats and prevent negative flow.

Flow: poor due to spring resistance.

Functionality: Poor flow characteristics, worse for low pressure systems.

Mounting: Any position.

These cheap or low cost check valves are typically suitable for low to medium pressure, low flow systems where noise, water hammer effects etc will not be of concern.

However for most industrial, commercial and processing systems users will require a quiet or silent series non return or check valve especially for any water lift pump or any pressurised fluid pipe.

For example the non-return valve "gate", will with a negative restoring or closing force applied will need to close at a suitable speed being neither too fast generating water hammer itself or too slow to prevent back flow, and be able to separate the pressure wave (collision or water hammer effect) between the inertia (positive pressure) and the back flow (negative pressure) caused by pump shut down. In this pump lift application, the check or non-return valve plays a critical role, especially when installed in the outlet of a pump. Any silent check must be carefully selected as these need to resist the highest system pressures, largest water hammer affects and the biggest fluid impacts within the pipe system. If the silent check valve is not of sufficient quality they will become damaged or simply fail allowing back flow, pressure loss and in more serious cases the impeller blades of the pump will be damaged and will require expensive and time-consuming removal and replacement. To avoid these valve failures and defects, the CHF series Fully Open (full flow) silent check non-return valve has been designed.

Features of CHF Fully Open Silent Check Valve

In full flow design, the gate does not reply to the media flow to push it open and thus flow is not restricted.
Hanging plug automatically locates regardless of high or low pressure use.
V Ring sealing, offering optimum sealing for high or low pressure.
Strong hard wearing heavy duty concave check valve gate design.
Non wearing plug seal seating, avoiding high pressure wear or extrusion.

Silent Check Valve
Cast Iron 
 Stainless steel
 Cast Iron
 Stainless steel
 Bypass valve set
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Locating bolt
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Stainless steel
 Sealing Retainer
 Stainless steel
Port Size Connection H A Kg
2" Flange 183 122 9
21/2" Flange 200 132 12
3" Flange 210 147 14
4" Flange 220 160 16
5" Flange 260 180 27
6" Flange 280 200 32
8" Flange 370  Upon Request 61
10" Flange 450  Upon Request 117
12" Flange 520  Upon Request 138

CHF Silent Check Valve Test Pressure:

Stainless steel 304: Working Pressure: 20 Bar Test Pressure: 35 Bar

Stainless steel 316: Working Pressure: 20 Bar, Test Pressure: 35 Bar

Cast Iron: Working Pressure 16 Bar, Test Pressure 21 Bar

Ductile Iron: Working Pressure: 20 Bar, Test Pressure: 35 Bar

Bronze: Working Pressure: 16 Bar, Test Pressure: 21 Bar

Applied temperature range: -15°C to +80°C

Mounting: Vertical or horizontal

Bypass valve: Included in all sizes up to 6", from 8" upwards bypass valve not included.

Benefits of the CHF Fully Open Silent Check Valve.

The CHF fully open style silent check valve plug lifts away from the flow into a recess cavity inside the check valve which in turn removes it from the media flow path allowing for near 100% uninhibited flow offering maximum pump efficiency.  

 Traditional style check valve has arduous flow path with reduced flow and thus reduced pump efficiency. The many turning points for the flow can cause cavitation and excessive wear on valve internal parts, seals and sealing faces.

Flow comparison between CHF fully Open silent check valve and traditional silent check valve.

Our factory tested several other manufacturers of silent check valve you can see the results from the data table below that the CHF fully open silent check valve offers 21/2 times more than double the flow as compared to traditional style silent check valve, making the CHF series full flow non return valve a market leader in terms of functionality, performance and life expectancy. 

Port Size 2" 21/2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12"
CHF Fully Open Valve 180 270 410 720 1050 1615 2865 4025 5700
Traditional Type 70 105 155 275 435 625 1115 1770


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