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Slightly Aggressive Media

Solenoid Valves for Slightly and Mildly aggressive media can feel like a minefield of hazards. How you choose your solenoid valve will depend on the solenoid valve materials of construction and their chemical compatibility or resistance. This is made a little more complicated as general purpose and even most stainless steel or plastic solenoid valves (without dry armature or isolating diaphragm design) will allow the media to some into contact with the armature core tube (typically 304 stainless steel), the armature itself (typically 430F stainless steel) and AISI302 stainless steel springs and other internal parts.


De-mineralised Water, Pure Water and Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Sometimes life is made a little easier as some major suppliers of solenoid valves will group valves together for specific industries, for example solenoid valves specifically designed for Pure water and De mineralised water for Reverse Osmosis Systems will generally use either a Delrin solenoid valve or a stainless steel solenoid valve with silver shading ring. However, pipe size, flow, pressure and function still need to be decided.


There are a huge range of chemicals, sometimes even water or alcohol based, and some of the details of material and chemical compatibility can be found on our technical article "Solenoid Valve Chemical Compatibility and Solenoid Valve Materials of Construction Resistance Charts".

Helpful Tip: Ask your chemical supplier for their approved material compatibility list, always consult your solenoid valve supplier.


Some chemicals are hidden behind brand names for which you cannot obtain the chemical composition; in this case you have 3 real options. Firstly, ask for their approved materials list that they will have to provide all their customers. However, in some instances this will not be available for new chemicals or old chemicals, so the best guess is to look at the materials used in the other parts of the process i.e. pipe and other valves. The last option is to assume that the chemical you are using is in fact very corrosive or aggressive and look at using a dry armature or isolated core solenoid valve where the media is only in contact with the valve body and seal material.


Buy solenoid valves for slightly aggressive media.

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