Solenoid Valves

As world leading suppliers of solenoid, coaxial, air operated, motor actuated and pneumatic valves, FRL's, pressure control valves and other process and fluid power products we have thousands of quality solutions to fit every technical requirement for every application. 


The bad news is that typically you either need to either troll through masses of technical data sheets, reply to several technically demanding E mails or spend valuable time speaking to suppliers and await a reply which may not be either exactly what you are looking for or simply too expensive or too long a delivery to suit your needs.


Here at Connexion Developments Ltd, we have documented several thousand valves into our valve search wizard, click here for the valve wizard


Valve Phrase Searching.

Users can choose to search either by any keywords or phrases in the "Search for products" such as  "WRAS Solenoid Valve", "Brass 2/2 normally closed valve", "Direct acting valve" and list all valves that comply to this search.


Valve Manufacturer Search.

Alternatively, visitors looking for specific manufacturers, brands or part number by typing what you know in the "Search by name, code, or brand" and again the search for products wizard will find solutions quickly.


Ultimate Valve Search Guide

Most visitors and even our staff here at our offices use this "Search by name, code, or brand"  as our main technical search.


Alternatively you can also search for Brass solenoid valves, Stainless steel solenoid valves, Plastic Solenoid Valves, Solenoid valves for specific media, solenoid valves by size, pressure, function or ATEX rating. All of which have sub categories to enable visitors to find valves quickly and efficiently.


If you need valve selection help.

If all else fails and you are really stuck don't be afraid to call us free 0800 808 7799 or email our technical team who will be more than happy to help you.


Read our FAQ section for more information and guidance.


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