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Breathing Air Filter systems, filters only and filters with pressure regulators fitted with pre-filter, coalescing filter and activated charcoal filter for technically pure air.

This artilcle explains how to find the best most cost effective valve to suit your application, even with novice users or limited information you can find the right valve for your application quickly and easily.

This article explains the duty cycle rating of solenoid coils used for the control of gas and liquid media.

This article explains export & import Incoterms 2000 Trading Terms Three Character sets EXW, CPT, DAT, DDP, FOB, CIF, FCA, CIP, DAP, FAS and CFR.

This article explains how to calculate the pressure drop and flow rate of various liquids and Gas media through a solenoid valve.

In this article we give a general guide on how you can measure a valve threaded port with a ruler or tape measure.

This article expalins the different UK mains AC voltages and EU voltages and variences found when working with mechanical equipment.

This article deals with common Solenoid Valve and other Pneumatic symbols giving a detailed view of pneumatic circuit symbols and their meaning.

Valve symbols including Solenoid Valve Symbols are those that are in common use.

This article explains the features and benefits of the ABVM & ABV electrically actuated quarter turn motorised ball valves with failsafe Close or Open and 3 wire power open/power close circuit.

This article explains the features are benefits of the Shako PU220A 2/2 way normally closed general purpose zero rated brass solenoid valve.

This article explains how to change a solenoid valve armature assembly on a 2/2 way solenoid valve or how to modify a 2 way normally closed valve to 2 way normally open.

Solenoid Valve fault diagnosis and fault finding chart to help users and enginners determine why the solenoid valve has stopped working and is malfunctioning.

This article is about 316 stainless steel air filter regulator piggy back sets for the pressure control, debris and water removal of compressed air.

316 Stainless Steel Standard and High Pressure Air Pressure Regulators how they work and what options and sizes are available.

316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Air Filters, Regulators and Lubricators and modular combination sets 30 Bar rated from the Shako range of Air Preparation Equipment.

This article looks at the water solenoid valve, including mains water, process water and the different types of water Brass, Plastic and Stainless solenoid valve.

In this article we discuss 2/2 and 3/2 way Brass solenoid valves, their typical uses and special characteristics that stand them apart from other solenoid valves.

In this article we discuss 12 volt solenoid valves, how a 12v solenoid valve works, solenoid valve materials, operation and typical applications.

This article explains what a vacuum solenoid valve is and what types of solenoid valves are suitable for High and Low Vacuum and Suction applications.

This article explains the benefits of 2/2 and 3/2 Coaxial Solenoid Valves and how coaxial solenoid valves work, their materials of construction and operation.

This article explains the IP rating system or Ingress Protection Ratings for dust and water ingress protection which are commonly attributed to Solenoid Valves.

Features & Benefits of Shako Brass 2/2 way series Solenoid valve PU220AR mini, PU220A zero rated, PU225A Pilot, PU225H and PU225X High Pressure and PU225S Steam.

What is a 3/2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve? This article explains what a 3/2 Way Solenoid Valve is , how it works and  what this 3 port 2 position valve can do.

Solenoid Valves have specific working temperature limits that must be adhered too, this this article gives an extensive Centigrade to Fahrenheit cross reference guide to help.

This article deals with wiring a solenoid valve electrical DIN connectors, how to wire a electrical DIN 43650 Connector correctly and safely.

This article gives helpful information and dimensions for JIS10K flange sizes used on solenoid valves ranging from DN 10 to DN 1000 mm.

This article gives helpful information and dimensions for ANSI 150, ANSI300, ANSI400, ANSI600,ANSI900, ANSI1500 and ANSI2500 flanges solenoid valves.

This article gives helpful information and dimensions for BS4504 PN40 Flanges from Nominal Sizes DN10 to DN600 that are used on flanged valves.

This article gives advise and guidance on British Standard PN16, Australian Standard, American National Standards Institute Flange Information for flanged valves.

This article offers a comprehensive Guide to BSP (British Standard Pipe) and American Standard Pipe Taper Thread (National Pipe Thread).

This article offers a comprehensive cross reference guide from US Standard NEMA Protection Ratings to the European Standard IP Protection Ratings.

This article deals with the issues of chemical compatibility of solenoid valves and their seal materials by offering a wide range of chemical compatibility guides and tables.

Some solenoid valves are designed for steam use. This Article gives guidance on the relation of Saturated Steam Pressure to Steam Temperature, Density and Thermal Capacity.

There is a vast range of solenoid valve coils in the market. This article gives a general guide to typical solenoid valve coils found in the industrial and pneumatic markets.

This Article deals with Electrical DIN Connectors that are commonly used for Solenoid Valves explaining the basic sizes and types with and without electrical circuits.

This article deals with Solid State Timers with advise and guidance across the range of Cyclic Timers, Single Shot, Delay Time, Delay Repeat Cycle and Single Cycle timers from our stock.

This article gives general Solenoid Valve Engineering data such as IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings, Basic Flow and Pressure Drop Calculation also with Some Temperature and Flow Conversions.

Vacuum measurement full cross reference guide including Torr, mm HgA, PSIA, Inches Hgv, Atmospheres, Inches H2O(a), Inches H2O(v), Kg per sq cm and kPa.

Solenoid Valves are designed to control media but are generally limited to a viscosity of 40 or 50 Centistokes. This article deals with the concept of viscosity and gives general guidance on typical media viscosity.

This article gives some useful information about ATEX and what ATEX is all about when using solenoid valves in hazardous or potentially explosive environments.

This article gives a general guide for the Installation, Operation and Maintenance for most types of Solenoid Valves and guide to the parts of construction.

This acticle gives a general guide and explaination of the differences and configurations of 2/2 way,  3/2 way,  5/2 way and 5/3 way solenoid valves.

Solenoid Valve body and seal materials with Chemical Resistance guides and information to help users identify chemically compatible solenoid valves for each application.

What is an Assisted Lift Solenoid Valve? How do Assisted Lift solenoid valves or Hung Diaphragm Solenoid Valves work?

What are Servo / Pressure Assisted Solenoid Valves and how do Pressure Assisted or Floating Diaphragm or Piston Solenoid Valves work?

WRAS and WRc certified and approved water solenoid valves for mains water and Drinking Water applications in all sizes. This article explains WRAS, WRc approvals and available stocked valves.

This article explains how to work out gravity fed system pressures why they are important and what solenoid valve you should choose for these low pressure systems.

This article explains the importance of Silent Full Flow Check Valves why we have to be so careful to choose the right check valve to protect your pumped fluid system.

Solenoid valve part number listing with description and 2010 to 2016 solenoid valve, pressure control valve, angle seat piston valve and FRL list prices. Discounts may be applied but are not listed.

This article explains the Nass Magnet System scales and provides PDF data sheets for the new Nass Magnet Coils, Electrical Connector Range and ATEX coils and numbering systems.

Solenoid Valves for Biogas, ATEX Solenoid Valves, High and Low Pressure Biogas and EN161 Approved Solenoid Valves for Anaerobic Process Methane Gas.

This article explains the working principles and reasons for using Latching or Bi-Stable Solenoid Valves working from low voltage 12vDC or 24vDC and Battery systems.

Solenoid valve trouble shooting guide. What you should check and look for when a solenoid valve stops working correctly and how to fix a solenoid valve.

What is a solenoid valve? This article explains what a Solenoid Valve is, how a solenoid valve works and what typical applications solenoid valves are used for.

What is a steam solenoid valve? This article explains what Solenoid Valves to use for hot water and steam up to 10 Bar 185ºC or 12 Bar 200ºC and extreme temperature applications.

Flow is a major factor for choosing a solenoid valve. This article explains the basics and converting KV, Cv and Qn flow coefficient associated values.

What is a Direct Acting Solenoid Valve? How do Direct acting solenoid valves work?

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